Breakfast Time! Echo From Below – Tracklist in full

Good morning campers! We’re pleased to offer to you today a few delicious meals of music to preview tomorrow’s big release. What’s for breakfast you ask? WELL IT’S A BLOODY TRACKLIST.

Feast your eyes below on the delicious treats that await you ‘Echo From Below: New Music from Hatch Vol. 1’. We’re proud to say that the majority are brand new, as-yet-unheard. And the rest are all taken from some fantastic recent releases by our denizens. Keep your eyes out for lunch..

1) Duck – Rabbit Hole
2) Dearthworms – Cheetos Man
3) Dead Badgers – Buchanan St. Massacre
4) Phoneutrian – Landwaste
5) Traint – Pure Foily
6) RL Herbert – The Old Straight Track
7) Bedlamb – Waves
8) Loic J Tuckey – Bad Holiday
9) Feudalism Now! – Toil Tale #1
10) Yo Dynamo – Comp Romp
11) Tuckey Hills and Nash – Howhiyo
12) Nohrr – Black Moon
13) Giblet Gusset – Modern Dorking
14) Elizabeth Short – Estradiol Buds
15) Blanchard – The Blues Aint Blue
16) Great Shame – 1549
17) Slug Milk – Bogroll Snuffkin
18) James Ewan Tait – Hippie Shakedown

Find out more about the compilation here.

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