What we do

Hatch is a collective based at 107a Harwood Street, Sheffield.

This grass-roots independent group revolves around DIY music and other creative fun. Founded by the inhabitants of Audacious Space (the physical home of now closed label The Audacious Art Experiment), Hatch was hatched in February 2019. The space itself operates as a practice space, workshop and live music venue.

The space is a multi-purpose hive of various activities for a lot of wildly different groups, ran by a diverse and great mix of people who are passionate about encouraging people to get involved in a DIY community that’s alternative, independent and in many ways counter to the culture that is constructed before us. Hatch is a great place to ask about joining and/or starting a band, getting involved with writing fanzines, finding out more about weird and wonderful subjects, raising political and social awareness, putting on shows, and meeting up with like-minded people to share ideas.

As a group we also promote events elsewhere and engage in Sheffield’s DIY community. We do not have a central events ‘team’ – preferring to act as a loose group of individual promoters working under a specific set of ethics. We are all volunteers who are enthusiastic in being involved with performing in, putting on gigs and are approachable when it comes to helping others with a positive ethos in the creative community.

Live music and performances are for everyone and we believe in being a positive force along with other grassroots venues and independent record labels, not only in Sheffield but across the country and globe.

We also strongly believe in safer spaces – please have a look at our full safe spaces policy here. It’ll tell you who you can talk to if there’s an issue that you need to talk about in confidence, or any accessibility requirements. We’ll always do our best to accommodate you – and if you just want a friendly chat and to share some interests, we’re all ears.