Loic J Tuckey is a guitarist and writer from South Yorkshire. And, this is the only place you’ll find him.

Loic fuses influences of traditional blues music, Americana and Latin jazz with the compositions of old Italian film soundtracks and the works of David Lynch.

He spends much of his time writing music with his pal, Zebedee C Budworth, of Night Flowers. The duo spent several years collaborating with other artists to produce a unique batch of experimental songs, which you’ll eventually find here.

When not in the studio Loic writes up short stories for his nan in Cleethorpes. Taking much of his influence from Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell, and Roy Keane’s autobiography, they range from absurd sci-fi to brash social commentaries.

Contact/Bookings: loictuckey@gmail.com

You can listen to more of Loic Tuckey/Peace Pipe and sign up to a direct mailing list at their website: