10 Years of DIY Photozine Project

Help us with our new project!

We are putting together a photo-zine/mini-book covering the last 10 years of DIY in Sheffield. It’ll be fundraising for the new lughole, and now also part of profits will go towards a covid impact fund for the other DIY venues too when it comes out. It also feels like a good point to take stock and make an archive of a really interesting period in Sheffield’s music history!

To narrow things down to a feasible remit we’ve decided it’ll focus on the spaces and activities of the groups that ran stuff as DIY collectives, or in DIY spaces but obviously if other things/groups/places spring to mind we’d certainly consider it (including any photos from before the DIY spaces emerged).

We’re looking for pictures of gigs, parties, people etc between 2010 and now – with a focus on the photos themselves over trying to make a definitive record of ‘everything that happened’. So anything fun, interesting or wild – there’s no need for the photos to be ‘professional quality’ either!

As its a fundraising project all we can really offer is a credit and a copy or two of the book, but we would love as many submissions as we can get. So please get in touch and email us at hatch[dot]sheffield[at]gmail[dot]com