Covid-19 Update

Hatch is sending out solidarity to all independent and DIY venues across Sheffield, the country, and the world, and to everyone across the world affected greatly in the ongoing pandemic. Apologies for the delayed but inevitable message, we have been holed up and unfortunately a large number of our members also rediscovered Age of Empires,

Inevitably Hatch will not be operating under normal circumstances for at least the next 6 weeks, and maybe longer – for the sake of public health, and in line with all other arts venues and public spaces, we are very sadly having to cancel all near future gigs (March & April). We will assess the best thing to do in week regarding events in May.

But art shouldn’t stop, even in times of crisis – now, more than ever, we need art to bring us together in times of isolation and uncertainty. As has already started happening, there are online platforms for streaming performances. We’re planning to set up a Hatch version soon, so keep an eye out for this.

With more time on our hands now we’re also going to channel our creativities in to a JAZZY new website (due soon) which will give details on the plethora of projects that have spawned from Hatch over the last year, what we aim for and want to do as a space, media from past performances and other silly and entertaining bits and bobs.

Thank you to all of the amazing audiences and artists who’ve supported us this last year– stick with us, we’ll be back in the real world eventually, but for now we hope DIY can continue doing its’ thing virtually.

Love and solidarity to everyone, stay safe ❤

Some free arts to stream – we will post about others that seem interesting when they crop up!
Sheffield mutual aid:
‘Foodhole in the wall’ –Foodhall are running a kiosk, pre-packed food service on its usual PAYF basis:…/a.43346793681…/1463518990475289/…

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